Category: Creativity

PowerPoint As An Art-Form

You can only fail at PowerPoint when you try to get an easy grade by not using every built-in application at your disposal

Desk Arrangement As An Art-Form

An underestimated skill could fix underestimated problems

10 Questions I Would Ask George R. R. Martin

You will not avoid finding any Martin fanboys, especially since you found one right here

Why I Write

Such beauty can be found in such ugliness.

Is Literary Fiction Elitist?

This genre has the reputation–and notoriety–of being high-brow literature

Every Imperfection Is A Work Of Art

What really shows the eccentricities of art are the juxtapositions within juxtapositions.

7 Impacts Literature Should Have In Your Everyday Life

It is not enough to read a book, but to integrate it.