Category: Odyssey Online Portfolio

Included in this category are all of the articles that I have written while writing for the Millennials of New Jersey Community in the online magazine Odyssey.

Where My Love Of Languages Came From

They fascinated me in my childhood and helped me through my teenage years

The Importance Of Translating Shakespeare Into Endangered Languages

If Shakespeare can be translated into fictional languages, why not real-world endangered languages?

What Is Needed To Write A Great Story

A good writer writes for all time.

Barbarians Rising…To Be Burned By The Sun

Mercy and this mini-series are for fools.

10 Songs That Dropped My Jaw

They also grabbed me by the ears and by the throat.

AOG Impressions | Writing 100 Articles On Odyssey

It was a pleasure writing for Odyssey.

Can Tomi Adeyemi Become The Nigerian Tolkien?

The fantasy genre as we know it would transcend cultures.

Behind Writers’ Attraction To The Wissahickon Creek

Perhaps there is reason behind many writers’ hajj to this picturesque Pennsylvania river.

When People Place Too Much Expectations On Seriously Flawed Characters

Do not put too much stock on any one character and expect a guaranteed retirement in a Braavosi mansion.