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10 Questions I Would Ask George R. R. Martin

You will not avoid finding any Martin fanboys, especially since you found one right here

How Fantasy Creatures Can Alter Human Interaction With Nature

For every fantasy writer, he/she must utilize zoological research to materialize his/her story’s setting.

George R. R. Martin Should Not Be Pressured To Finish Writing The “Song of Ice and Fire” Series

No opinion is relevant in the face of multiple projects he is tasked with as of October 2017.

Was The “Song Of Ice And Fire” Series Supposed To Be Science Fiction?

There are definitely similarities between Martin’s decade-defining series and his early science fiction work.

AOG Reading Impressions | “Song of Ice And Fire” Series (Thus Far)

DISCLAIMER: This article was originally posted on Odyssey.   Until I read this series, I always looked upon fantasy through the stereotypical view of basic fairy tales blown into literal epic proportions. As you can tell from the condition of the first book, I…

AOG Literature Review | A Game of Thrones, by George R. R. Martin

This is the excerpt for a placeholder post.